How To Establish A Long Term Guest Blogging Relationship

How To Maintain A Guest Blogging Checklist-Secrets-for-Guest-Blogging-Success
How To Maintain A Guest Blogging Checklist?
October 24, 2021
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How To Establish A Long Term Guest Blogging Relationship-benefits-guest-blogging-for-seo

Since it can be quite hard to find a guest blogging opportunity, especially in some niches. It makes sense that you will want to establish a long term with any blog you happen to write for. Such long-term relationships can indeed be extremely beneficial to both parties. As you have the chance to write for a popular blog that is bound to bring you some traffic and increase your reputation. Ideally, the blog webmaster can be happy knowing he has a reliable writer who can step up whenever he’s lacking the inspiration to update his blog. Now lets check out How To Establish A Long Term Guest Blogging Relationship.

How To Establish A Long Term Guest Blogging Relationship:

How To Establish A Long Term Guest Blogging Relationship-benefits-guest-blogging-for-seo

However, it can be quite difficult to establish such relationships, particularly in the insidious world that the Internet has become. To be able to establish these kinds of relationships with blog owners, there are unwritten rules that you should at least understand.

Be Reliable:

Your reliability as an author is going to be the first thing the blog owner notices. As a guest blogger, you should be honest and reliable and always stick to your word. For example, if you have approached a blog owner about publishing one of your posts but then decide to submit it, your reputation will be adversely affected. You may be thinking that doing so is no big deal since you may not be planning to ever contribute on that blog again but remember that word gets around fast on the Internet and other blog owners will eventually become wary of you.

It happens that you simply cannot stick up to your side of the deal due to last-minute factors. In such cases, you should be honest and contact the blog owner, explaining that you will not be able to write for his blog within the deadlines you agreed upon for those reasons. Honesty is always appreciated, and you will no doubt be allowed to contribute at a later date.

Don’t Break The Rules:

Each blog has its own unwritten rules and if you are looking to contribute regularly to that blog, you must understand its rules. For example, a certain blog may accept a mild dose of dirty humor but may not endorse profanity. Showing that you understand the blog’s target audience and that you have taken the time to browse the website a bit will no doubt impress the owner. Additionally, as the blow owner recognizes that you are a perfect fit for his blog, he will no doubt be eager to publish your posts again.

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Follow Up On Your Posts:

Guest blogging does not stop at the writing and submission stage. Once the blog owner has published your article, you must stick around and interact with visitors who post comments on the article. The blog owner can do that too and will no doubt always be happy to do so. However, in some cases, he may not be able to do so.

For example, if you have submitted an article outlining the best 5-star hotels in Mauritius on a blog that usually deals with Thailand travel stories, the blog owner may not be able to properly answer any questions relating to your topic. By taking it upon yourself to answer any such question and interacting with your new audience, you show your commitment and passion and make it clear that you indeed belong to that rare breed of guest bloggers that do their thing seriously.