The Main Types of Webmasters Encountered in Guest Blogging

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Things to be noted while Guest Posting
September 8, 2021
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September 20, 2021
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The Main Types of Webmasters Encountered in Guest Blogging

As your guest blogging venture allows you to start interacting with various webmasters on a freakishly frequent basis. You will no doubt slowly start to notice that each webmaster you come upon can be neatly classified into a category. This should not be a big surprise though as that is always things are. Individuals can always fall into distinct categories and although you may at first be led to think otherwise.

The Main Types of Webmasters Encountered in Guest Blogging

The Main Types of Webmasters Encountered in Guest Blogging:

Webmasters in guest blogging are no different and are quite predictable after some time. In this post, I describe the main types of webmasters and how your relationship with them will probably be. The Main Types of Webmasters Encountered in Guest Blogging:


The Nice Guy:

The nice guy is the most charming of the bunch. The nice guy of the webmaster world will accept your first blog post without any question, publish it very quickly, and never feel the need to approach you about one of your articles before approving it. Nice guy is probably as excited as you are about your content.


Since he’s a nice guy and very easy-going, he’s also extremely popular and will be the first webmaster you think of whenever you’re inspired to write the best piece of content the web ever saw. Unfortunately, he will also be mobbed by guest posters daily, so expect to queue up.


The Evil Webmaster:


That’s right, I have just used the words “Evil”, “Guest Post”, and “Webmaster” in the same sentence! The Evil Webmaster tries to antagonize as many writers as possible without often considering why he behaves as such. In a typical situation, The Evil Nemesis will often ask a blogger to write something before rejecting it just for kicks.


The Evil Webmaster will additionally often bring up pre-2005 excuses for rejecting your posts such as “Irrelevant links” and “Content too long” to justify his choices. Unfortunately, you will very likely continue interacting with him since the feeling of beating him at his own game is often extremely rewarding (for all the wrong reasons).


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The Tentative Webmaster:


The Tentative Webmaster is often called the politician of the guest blogging world. He promises to publish your posts before eventually forgetting everything. You cannot fault him though as he often genuinely loses your article or does not remember where he saved it. Subsequently submitting the same post again often trigger the same scenario.


Patience and understanding are often the keys to dealing with The Tentative Webmaster. Frequently remind him of your 1000-word mind-blowing article and he may eventually remember to publish it when you least expect him to do so. The Tentative Webmaster is also often great to talk to. His typically laid-back attitude makes him hard to miss.