Things to be noted while Guest Posting

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Top 5 Reasons To Allow Guest Blogger For Your Blog
September 6, 2021
The Main Types of Webmasters Encountered in Guest Blogging
The Main Types of Webmasters Encountered in Guest Blogging
September 12, 2021
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Things to be noted while Guest Posting-Guest-posting

There are various things to be noted while guest posting, In which SEO is also a main factor but we will not be discussing it here today. Instead of it we will learn about Links.

Things to be noted while Guest Posting:

Things to be noted while Guest Posting-Guest-posting

Quality of Links:

The first and the foremost thing that to be checked is from where you getting back-link. What is the Page Rank, Page Authority, Domain Authority, Domain Age of the website?

Quality Backlink:

  • Page Rank: 1+
  • Page Authority: 15+
  • Domain Authority: 15+
  • Domain Age: 1+ year
  1. If the website is also DMOZ listed and has a good Alexa rank that will give more benefits.
  2. If the domain has this quality, it is obvious that the blog must have some real traffic and real people visits.
  3. The Blog is related to the niche is added advantage.

Quality of Content:

  1. Content is KING. It will not change anytime.
  2. When your post has good fresh quality content then you need not have to worry.
  3. Google and the reader always love that the content should be fresh and unique.
  4. Adding images and video is added advantage.

Adapts to Changes:

  1. Blog must have to adapt it to changes, there will Google updates happen once and while based on certain criteria. So the blogger must have adapted themself to the changes.
  2. The recent Google Penguin update is all about link building, and the Google Panda update is about quality and link structure.
  3. So must have to be careful while choosing the niche to get posted in the blog and while building backlinks to the post.
  4. Google may release more updates but bloggers must have to be ready to face those challenges.
  5. When your blog has a real reader then it must solve most of the issues.

Social Sharing:

  1. Social Shares play major roles now. Google+, Facebook, Twitter are played a major part in Social networks
  2. When the post is unique and fresh the reader must share the post in their social network. and if it is worth there are a lot of chances that it may go viral and will get a lot of real traffic.
  3. On seeing the social shares it is very easy to identify that the blog has real readers or not
  4. And sometimes even if there is a real reader on due to bad writing it may not get shared. So again for everything writing and presenting it in a good way is most important here.
  5. So the guest posting plays a major role to get rank and get traffic.

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