Things to Remember while Blogging on Article Submission Sites

How to Benefit from Guest Blog Posting Service
How to Benefit from Guest Blog Posting Service
January 17, 2018
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Things to Remember while Blogging on Article Submission Sites

Guest blogging can be huge boost towards your building your backlinks and achieving higher rank in your search engine optimization. But there some mistakes people repeat while submitting their blog requests on guest blogging sites for SEO. If you want to write on these blogs or even article submission sites ensure you do not make the following mistakes as people frequently do.Things to Remember while Blogging on Article Submission Sites

Aiming for the Wrong Blogs

If you are a fashion blogger then write guest blogs for other fashion blogs. There is no use in blogging for topics that are irrelevant to your blog because even if you do get a backlink, it will be useless. If you keep repeating this pattern and keep writing for irrelevant blogs then your blog will get lost in the myriadof different articles.


You need a strategy regarding everything if you want to improve your SEO ranking and get quality backlinks. Guest blogging is no different. If you want your blog to be related to a specific keyword then always target that keyword. Write different blogs with regard to that particular keyword at all times. Do not simply jump at the first available opportunity that presents itself. Decline any opportunity that is not relevant to your blog, it will save your precious time as well as effort.You can also avail from the guest posting service packages provided by some blogs who are looking for guest bloggers.

Make connections

This whole thing is about making connections because this is mutually beneficial to both parties. Try to approach a blog manager through a mutual acquaintance because people are likely to consider someone they know for guest posting over strangers.

Do not blog on topics that have already been covered

If you are suggesting guest blogging to someone else, then make sure your idea is totally innovative as writing on topics that have already been covered is more than likely to get you rejected by that blog. You can do a Google search to see if the topic you want to feature has already been covered or not.

Blogging Guidelines

There are many guest posting service in UK that will let you write as a guest but only if you produce quality content and adhere to the guidelines provided by them. Some blogs will give you exclusive instructions and following these guidelines on all counts shows that you are responsible and efficient. This will increase future chances of collaboration.

Write according to the style of that blog

Do a thorough research on the style or tone of the blog you’re writing for and then adjust your writing style in accordance with the blog. It will make it easier for the audience to read your post because it will be similar to what they are used to and of course it will make them like you. Make certain that your guest post does not stand out like a sore thumb instead it should merge with the usual flow of the blog.