Pulling Writers To Guest Post On Your Blog

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SEO is a Mind Game
September 27, 2021
Article Guest Posting: A Paradise for Guest Bloggers
Article Guest Posting: A Paradise for Guest Bloggers
October 10, 2021
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Pulling Writers To Guest Post On Your Blog

Technically guest posting is a joint venture between guest writers and webmasters in creating content for the particular blog it is supposed to be a win-win situation for both writers and webmasters. The webmaster got fresh quality content while the guest writer got backlink, exposure, and traffic to his/her site. Our main objective is Pulling Writers To Guest Post On Your Blog.

Pulling Writers To Guest Post On Your Blog

And for the readers, they will get content with fresh ideas from different perspectives and views – which is useful for them too.

Pulling Writers To Guest Post On Your Blog:

However, one common question from webmasters is – how to attract writers to guest posts in my blog? So let’s see some ways on how to do that.


Approaching The Writers:

One mistake when you are starting to accept guest posts on your blog is – just to prepare a “Write for Us” page, announce it, and do nothing! No, no – you have to approach the writers. There a huge number of blogs accepting guest posts out there so the writers might never know about your site if you are not approaching them.


One way to approach the writers is through email. Sending an email is easy, right? But you have to approach in a good manner and invite the writer to write at your site. If the writer refuses or not replying, it’s OK because he/she might come again to write on your blog. If you get positive feedback, make a connection and it’s time to receive guest posts for your blog.

Check out: How to Benefit from Guest Blog Posting Service.

Keep Promoting:

This is important – keep promoting your blog!


How? Determine your structure for guest posting professionally including preparing the “Write for us” page and the policies/guidelines. Then give your website a commercial brand so writers will be attracted to visit and join the party!


With the intense growth of social media networks, you can use Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites to reach writers. I believe it’s not hard to post the messages to the sites, but keep in mind that you have to use an appropriate way of inviting people to write on your blog.


One effective platform to promote your blog to targeted writers is through MyBlogGuest. I’ve discussed this wonderful site for guest posting and you can read the article here.


Giving Benefits to The Writer:

I see this element as an essential element if you are looking for guest articles on your blog. Create a win-win situation. The writers give you content, you give them good exposure. Readers might not notice the guest writer by just reading at the content. They might miss the byline or the author’s name so put an extra section for the author’s gravatar and some basic information about them. I recommend creating an author section box for this.


Give the writers freedom to expose themselves except for several harmful elements such as stuffing too many repeating keywords or too many links (I recommend limit to just 2 links per article). If you want to see a good example of good management for guest articles, take a look at how EzineArticles manage their writers’ posts. You can learn something from their way of dealing with the writers and articles.


Wrap Up:

Accepting guest posts is a wise decision that a webmaster should make to bring his/her blog to the next level. Not only it creates opportunities for the writers to expose themselves to your audience but giving you the chance to build a reputation for your blog. Hope these tips help!